Everybody knows why the manufacture of denim began – because heavy workers needed durable clothes that didn’t show stains.

First manufactured for factory workers, miners and cowboys who rode on horseback all day, this fabric became trendy and is now a part of our daily lives.

Considering the denim fabric manufactured in the last 10-15 years, it’s impossible to find traces of this old style. Denim has almost been reduced to a fabric with blue threads.

The Ageless collection comprises ageless denim fabrics that offer the best denim feeling and is favored by true denim fans for years.

We’re happy to see that all brands have begun to understand the simplicity and beauty of denim in the past, which gave the timeless fabrics in the Ageless collection the lead role again.

Comprising rigid and comfort stretches in various indigo shades in addition to black and grey between 9 and 12 ounces, this collection serves like an homage to denim paid by the most long-established denim company in Turkey.