Environmental Sustainability Projects

Our factory spans an area of just 100.000 square meters on a total land of 1 million square meters that belongs to Kilimdenim. The land on which the factory is located is the most fertile one in Turkey.

Instead of filling our land with buildings, we utilize it by cultivating fruit and vegetables, which we share with the employees of Kilimdenim in our kitchen.

We’ve recently signed another very important project to reclaim clinker (coal, scrap waste etc.) on an area of 7,500 square meters and planted 1.500 calabrian pines. These young trees are irrigated with water refined by Kilimdenim. Only one sapling saves 411.4 kg carbon dioxide during its growth period.

Moreover, in 2019, we will also initiate a project about transferring to solar power.

Kilimdenim is currently working on another significant sustainability project.There will be no hydrosulfide in new-generation indigo dyes we use; therefore, we will completely stop producing sulfide salt which collects in water, biologically cannot be melted, and is preserved in nature to some extent. This will prevent the emission of toxic ingredients in nature.

The denim fabrics manufactured as part of this project which is developed in collaboration with G-Star will be presented in Kilimdenim’s Re-Create collection in the new season.