Kilimdenim 4.0

Of the 7.5 billion people in the world, 53% (4 billion) is Internet users and 42% (3.2 billion) is active social media users.

The fast development in technology and the expansion of Internet use created a concept of “new economy.” It’s no longer possible to manage new economy by using the obsolete sales and marketing methods.

By actively using digital marketing channels, Kilimdenim has become a part of this platform where the target audience is online, can access a great amount of information in a short time and can mutually interact.

E-bulletins like the one you’re reading now are sent to you regularly.

We’ve redesigned our website and keep it updated to provide you with news and the opportunity to send your opinions.

With our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, we invite you to a platform worth following with various visuals and topics. We also pay great attention to send fast replies to your comments under our posts.

We’ve changed our collection presentations to be more suitable for digital following. This way, you can examine our collections on digital platforms whenever you want in addition to face-to-face presentations.

And we also have digital commercial projects. Besides the printed advertisements we have in magazines, we also have a place in the digital advertisements and editor’s picks on platforms such as Sportswear International.

In short, we’re just one click away from you.