See How Our Sustainability Philosophy Reflects On Our Products

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See How Our Sustainability Philosophy Reflects On Our Products
At every step of our production, we consider the effects on
human health, reducing the impact we may have on nature and
the efficient use of resources.
We thus showcase our vision of sustainability with the fabrics we
choose for our Re-Create Collection.
Pieces that become a part of our consistently growing and
transforming collection not only consist of the latest applications in
the field of sustainability, but they are also designed to reflect the
day’s trends that are loved by denim lovers.
Cactus Project
A process that will spread across our entire production in 2019.
We have been working on new ways to improve the environment friendly production techniques at Kilim Denim…
With our Cactus project,  a brand new environmental friendly  innovation has been brought to life.
As most of the water is used during removal of the unfixed dyestuff in indigo dyeing process  started to use a new developed chemical,
which improves the fixation of indigo on the warp yarn. This project will have positive effect to the environment but also the amount of water used will be decreased by 93%.