Towards Genderless Fashion

In recent years, movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp began when famous female stars started to point out the inequality between men and women.

Initiated with objection to sexual harassment towards women, less pay for women than men for the same job, or the assignment of only men in certain jobs, this movement quickly gained wide recognition in the society.

Directly influenced by social change, fashion world started to experience a drastic change when big fashion houses began to frequently feature these themes in their fashion shows and collections.

The pressure for women to look beautiful/fit/well-kept/young has started to dissipate, which led to women making peace with their flaws and ages.

The fact that women began to prefer fashion styles that empower themselves also made men see the limitations put on themselves. They abandoned plain and discreet clothes and started adopting their own styles.

Now, future is not male or female. The motto “the future is genderless” has earned itself a place in global fashion.

Closely following the social movements in society, Kilimdenim was not late to reflect this dramatic social change in its fabric collections.

The brand redesigned the fabric looks in its main concepts for a more unisex style.

Solely presented for women’s wear so far, stretch and super-stretch fabrics have been enriched with looks that men also could opt for and updated as “GENDERFREE.”

The concept of CATALOGUE started to demonstrate how popular genderless fashion can be not only with its fabric looks but also lovely models.

Keep following Kilimdenim’s approach to “genderless fashion” with the looks and new concepts from the 2020 SS collection which will be presented next month.