We were here yesterday. We are here today. But what should we do to be here tomorrow as well?

The awareness for sustainability and the environment requires a brand to be cautious and meticulous not just in terms of manufacture but in all steps of the process. Kilimdenim maintains this consciousness even when it’s purchasing raw materials, and uses eco- and human-friendly, recycled or reused fibers that protect the manufacturers. The dyes used in all fabrics are also selected in harmony with this vision and so as not to harm human health. In the last phase, the manufacture waste is treated, separated or recycled without causing harm to nature.

In addition to these, Kilimdenim also develops new projects to decrease use of resources in manufacture, to start using renewable resources, to recycle waste and to increase production efficiency in order to sustain its economic, social and environmental existence. Kilimdenim’s extraordinary effort for sustainability has shown itself in world-standard certificates for its denim and non-denim fabrics, and enables it to be among leading brands in terms of sustainability thanks to its new and patented applications. Kilimdenim’s patent to use recycled plastic bottled in the oceans to make denim yarns is just an example of these efforts.


Economic Sustainability Projects:

We’ve taken important steps in making new investments and improving our processes to manufacture and to use resources more efficiently, to decrease our influx and to maximize our output.

With an investment of 4 million Euros in the past years, we both modernized our yarn manufacture and provided an increase of 8,000 in the yarn capacity. This facility provided us with the technology which can also manufacture dual-core yarns used especially in stretch fabrics.

With a new investment expected to be finalized by the end of the year, we’ll activate 48 weaving machines. By enabling a faster weaving of denim fabrics, we’ll both be more productive and monitor an increase in the quality and diversity of fabrics.

Thanks to the new processes we’ve developed since 2015, we have decreased our use of:

  • electricity by 40%,
  • steam by 66%,
  • fuel by 70%,
  • water by 65%.
Social Sustainability Projects:

As a company, we believe that we will have a more educated, wealthier and happier future as we develop our social environment. To this end, we contribute to health, transportation and social life of Yeni Kadın Köyü village where most of our employees live with financial aid.

We’re in a close relationship with the textile department of the university in the region of our factory. We enable students both to keep up with the technology with machinery donations and to earn practice by doing an internship at our factory.

This year, we laid the infrastructure to realize a project in Edirne that we care so much about. There is heavy land traffic from the city of Edirne, where our factory is located, to our neighbor Bulgaria.

Due to inadequate accommodation alternatives, plastic waste leads to a serious pollution around the area.

Kilimdenim carried out the project Raw for the Oceans with G-Star. Therefore, we’ve been mostly using denim fabrics manufactured from recycled polyester in our collections.

With the new project, there will be plastic waste collection centers in Edirne where the plastics will be turned into recycled plastic yarns in collaboration with a company in Turkey which in turn will be used in Kilimdenim’s denim and non-denim fabrics.

The fabrics manufactured with the yarns produced as part of this plastic waste collection campaign initiated as a social responsibility project will begin to be presented with the Re-Create concept as of Spring/Summer 2020. Moreover, there will be records of how much plastic is collected and yarn is recycled.

Environmental Sustainability Projects:

Our factory spans an area of just 100.000 square meters on a total land of 1 million square meters that belongs to Kilimdenim. The land on which the factory is located is the most fertile one in Turkey.

Instead of filling our land with buildings, we utilize it by cultivating fruit and vegetables, which we share with the employees of Kilimdenim in our kitchen.

We’ve recently signed another very important project to reclaim clinker (coal, scrap waste etc.) on an area of 7,500 square meters and planted 1.500 calabrian pines. These young trees are irrigated with water refined by Kilimdenim. Only one sapling saves 411.4 kg carbon dioxide during its growth period.

Moreover, in 2019, we will also initiate a project about transferring to solar power.

Kilimdenim is currently working on another significant sustainability project.There will be no hydrosulfide in new-generation indigo dyes we use; therefore, we will completely stop producing sulfide salt which collects in water, biologically cannot be melted, and is preserved in nature to some extent. This will prevent the emission of toxic ingredients in nature.

The denim fabrics manufactured as part of this project which is developed in collaboration with G-Star will be presented in Kilimdenim’s Re-Create collection in the new season.