We were here yesterday. We are here today. But what should we do to be here tomorrow as well?

The awareness for sustainability and the environment requires a brand to be cautious and meticulous not just in terms of manufacture but in all steps of the process. Kilimdenim maintains this consciousness even when it’s purchasing raw materials, and uses eco- and human-friendly, recycled or reused fibers that protect the manufacturers. The dyes used in all fabrics are also selected in harmony with this vision and so as not to harm human health. In the last phase, the manufacture waste is treated, separated or recycled without causing harm to nature.

In addition to these, Kilimdenim also develops new projects to decrease use of resources in manufacture, to start using renewable resources, to recycle waste and to increase production efficiency in order to sustain its economic, social and environmental existence. Kilimdenim’s extraordinary effort for sustainability has shown itself in world-standard certificates for its denim and non-denim fabrics, and enables it to be among leading brands in terms of sustainability thanks to its new and patented applications. Kilimdenim’s patent to use recycled plastic bottled in the oceans to make denim yarns is just an example of these efforts.