Cactus Project

Thanks to the Kilimdenim’s Sustainable Green Line
we have developed; The amount of water used in
conventional production was reduced from 70 liters to
16 liters with 77.1% savings, and the amount of chemicals
used was reduced from 780 grams to 26 grams by reducing
96.6%. With these sustainable finishes, we save enough water to
fill approximately 216 Olympic swimming pools in 1 year.

When the fabrics dyed with the Cactus dyeing
process are finished with the Ecoflat process,
maximum savings are obtained from the water and
chemicals consumed, while the pollution
load on the environment is greatly reduced.

The Nanox

Nanox collection in the KilimHygiene category; W-Block denim, which water and oil repellency has been tested, satisfy hygiene demands by maintaining 99 percent of antibacterial efficacy even after 20 home washes. To ensure effective use of water and oil repellent properties, industrial washing is not recommended. The classic raw look meets soft texture. Thanks to its self-cleaning feature, it guarantees minimum household washing during use and supports water saving as a manufacturer. Nanox is the new generation denim...