Kilimdenim, Turkey’s first denim factory, has been in the sector since 1986 by keeping up with the transformation of denim over time and staying true to its essence. Kilimdenim, which made denim production for the first time in 1986, was founded by Mehmet Kilimci, who knows the trade tradition in Anatolia well and has years of trade experience. Between 1972 and 1978, the company of four partners manufactured in Edirne with an interest in wool threads and fabric manufacture in addition to yarns and export.


In 1979, they bought Kartaltepe Textiles. Mehmet Kilimci attended factory tours in Germany and the U.S. to gain expertise in denim, examined the manufacture process and came back to Turkey with innovative ideas. In 1986, Mehmet Kilimci replaced the old systems with a manila system, the first to be implemented in Istanbul. In this era when denim jeans were becoming increasingly popular, the brand first made sales in the domestic market.

Having directed its path towards export in addition to domestic market in the last 7 years, Kilimdenim distributes Turkish fabric to all across the world with years of experience. Despite its innovative investments and trendy collections over the years, Kilimdenim achieves to keep denim’s unique attributes alive as well. Having initiated patented operations in denim manufacture to capture perfect looks, one of Kilimdenim’s most important characteristics, acknowledged by global brands and rivals, is its special finished on fabric. Featuring a capacity of 12 million meters of denim and 6 million meters of non-denim fabrics a year, Kilimdenim adopts the philosophy “not to manufacture much but to manufacture by giving the fabric the value it deserves.”

It is our grand responsibility to carry this invaluable legacy we have inherited from the founders of Kilimdenim to the future generations.

It was ensured that all entries and processes used are set to lower the harmful effects of our factory on the environment while biological and chemical refining units have been built to prevent waste from harming the earth. In the recent years, a major project was undertaken and an accumulated slag on an area of 7,50 m2 (coal, junk waste) has been reclaimed and 1500 Calabrian pine saplings have been planted on the land. These saplings are watered with the waters Kilimdenim’s refinery purifies. Only 1 sapling removes 411,4 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. Additionally, all waste processed through the production lines and general use areas is separated and kept in different storage units for recycling.