1986 The Origin of Denim

1986 is not only Kilimdenim’s new vintage collection,
also a collection created by people that witnessed the first manufacture of denim in Turkey.

They are the people that know the most original version of denim and have been joyful to be a part of its journey as they still work at Kilimdenim.

I’m one of the first to weave denim among those in the factory in Istanbul in 1986. A quarter of my life has been given to this business.
When the factory was moved to Edirne, when the Istanbul operation was ceased, the machines went quiet, I sat in my room and cried to myself.
Yusuf Köpük – 34 Years at Kilimdenim

My uncle was working here. He took me in with him, and now my daughter works at Kilimdenim.
Ahmet Öztürk – 25 Years at Kilimdenim

We had such happy lives. Now we can’t leave even if we say “Let’s go”.
Yıldız Günaç – 44 Years at Kilimdenim

1986 is an exclusive collection that merges the real identity of denim
with today’s technology is already on the way to be among the most unforgettable collections of denim.
We are looking forward to introduce this series to you very soon with its comfort stretch fibers that are rigid or appear rigid, various warping characters and stunning indigo hues.