Social Sustainability Projects

As a company, we believe that we will have a more educated, wealthier and happier future as we develop our social environment. To this end, we contribute to health, transportation and social life of Yeni Kadın Köyü village where most of our employees live with financial aid.

We’re in a close relationship with the textile department of the university in the region of our factory. We enable students both to keep up with the technology with machinery donations and to earn practice by doing an internship at our factory.

This year, we laid the infrastructure to realize a project in Edirne that we care so much about. There is heavy land traffic from the city of Edirne, where our factory is located, to our neighbor Bulgaria.

Due to inadequate accommodation alternatives, plastic waste leads to a serious pollution around the area.

Kilimdenim carried out the project Raw for the Oceans with G-Star. Therefore, we’ve been mostly using denim fabrics manufactured from recycled polyester in our collections.

With the new project, there will be plastic waste collection centers in Edirne where the plastics will be turned into recycled plastic yarns in collaboration with a company in Turkey which in turn will be used in Kilimdenim’s denim and non-denim fabrics.

The fabrics manufactured with the yarns produced as part of this plastic waste collection campaign initiated as a social responsibility project will begin to be presented with the Re-Create concept as of Spring/Summer 2020. Moreover, there will be records of how much plastic is collected and yarn is recycled.